Today, many industries apply the SS ball valve in their system to control any fluids or gases. These industries include pharmaceutical industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, gas and oil industry, paper industry, steel and other metal industries, textile industries, and so forth. SS ball valve is well known for its advantages: efficient, durable, low-maintenance, cost-effective and so forth. www.kp-lok.com

Basically, there are two types of SS ball valve, the standard port and the full port. The standard port uses the smaller ball to control the flow. The ball size is indeed smaller than the pipe size and has a smaller port. In other hands, the full port SS ball valve uses the bigger ball to control the flow. The SS ball size is the same as the pipe size. In most cases, these ports are collaboratively used in industrial application considering the needs and designs. The SS ball valves are now widely applied in various industries especially those which involves processing and manufacturing.

SS ball valves for industrial applications are inevitable due to fundamental advantages. The main advantage is that the stainless steel ball valves can protect the materials or product from contamination much better than the generic valves. However, SS ball valves for industrial application are developed into three different types of the valve including two piece SS ball valve, three piece SS ball valve, Tri-Clamp SS ball valve, and 1/2 inch SS ball valve.

1.Two Piece SS Ball Valve

This type of valve is the simplest one which only posses on-off mode in order to control fluid flow. The design is enough to maintain flows involving liquid substances. Two Piece SS Ball valve is still widely used in non-food and non-pharmaceutical industries. The main disadvantages include difficulties in cleaning and disassembling. Other manufacturers may prefer the three piece SS ball valve.

2.Three Piece SS Ball Valve

Basically, this type of valve operates in the closest way with the two piece but without the disadvantages. Three piece SS ball valve is way easier to clean and disassemble which make it best for any industries which require total free of contamination. The pharmaceutical industries are those which apply Three Piece SS Ball Valve most.


3.Tri-clamp SS Ball Valve

This type of valve has the functions of the previous types but with additional “food-grade” features. It’s more durable and versatile to maintain the flow in a non-stop processing. Tri-clamp SS Ball valve is widely used in food and beverage industries.

4.1/2 inch SS Ball Valve

This isn’t an actual industrial valve but it works at the same way for a smaller scale of the industry. 1/2 inch SS ball valve has a lighter weight and smaller size but it’s more practical. This valve is more affordable which makes it ideal for home-scale food and beverage industry, some bigger industries may use it in their particular system.  Actually, there are tens of ball valves available in the market. However, SS ball valves are the best for the industrial application. These four types of SS ball valves are the common SS ball valve for industrial application.

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